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    847 High Road,
    E11 1HH

    Telephone number: 0208 539 0452

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    You might think that no-one understands you, and you’ve been an addict far too long now to get out of it. You’ve tried but you’ve always gone back to doing it. Talk to one of us who knows, we’ve been there. We’ll help you get drugs out of your head.

    You might know someone who is stuck in some addiction maybe its heroin, maybe its cocaine maybe crack or booze and you don’t know how to help them any more, they’ve got in too deep now and you’ve tried everything. Give them our number.

    This might be your last chance.

    But we’ve made it out and if we can, so can you. We’re here to help you.

    Ring our Help Line: 0791 758 5056